VST : SilverBird

Version Beta (9:Sep:05)

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VST : SilverBird
SilverBird is my first attempt at creating a VST effect. Using the Tobybear framework, Silverbird is starting life as a basic filter bank, but will eventually grow into a full featured and powerful filtering tool. The source code itself is heavily modularised, meaning new filter models can easily be added, and it is planned for future versions that filters will be able to be chained together in a a configurable series/parrallel arrangement, with a complete modulation matrix provided for creating series sound mangling.

- Clean sounding highpass/lowpass filters.
- Modified Zoelzer and Butterworth models.
- Adjustable frequency responce fo creating sweeps.
- Adjustable cutoff to resonance modulation.
- Wet/dry control for creating suttle phasing effects.