Pyro : Text Editing Tool

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Pyro : Text Editing Tool
I do a lot of text based work, such as my webdesign, but have always found Microsofts notepad to be somewhat, under equiped. A look round the net revealed a selection of alternatives which in the large, although powerful, to me at least seemed overly complicated and somewhat uninviting. Born out of this conundrum, I've created Pyro, which is basically a text editor featuring only tools which I personally desire, or feel are truly useful inclusions, all contained within a rapidly accesible and user friendly environment.

- Customizable Interface.
- Correct Windows/Unix style file loading.
- Regex (PCRE) find and replace modes.
- Customizable file type filtering.
- Caret position and document sizing information.
- Block indenting (for programming).
- Customizable syntax highlighting.
- Customizable code folding.